• Very trustworthy
  • Welcome bonus available
  • Massive range of Markets available
  • Excellent customer support
  • Nice website
  • Fast payout
  • Cash-out
  • Live Inplay
  • Special offers
  • Great odds quality
  • Specialized mobile apps
  • Bet builder
  • Games live audio commentary
  • Deposit options not suitable for Nigerians
  • Payout options not local to Nigerians

Bet365 is among the world’s most famous sports betting companies. Bet365 is known for its innovative ways, and great betting offers to its users. Nigerians have always wondered what is like betting on your favourite events on the Bet365 betting platform as a Nigerian living in Nigeria. Below we will review this amazing betting company: 

bet365 live betting

Payment Details

Bet365 Deposit Options: Bet365 offers various deposit options for different countries. However, the deposit options for Nigerians is not dominated in Naira; rather, it is dominated in the US dollar.

This issue has made various Nigerian bettors ignore the betting platform because there is even the issue of currency conversion.

However, the international betting company offers the following deposit options for Nigerians:

  • ATM Cards
  • Paysafe
  • Wire Transfer
  • Cheque      

Bet365 Withdrawal Options: Bet365 has the same gateways for their Nigerian customer withdrawals for their deposits. Also, the same issue Nigerian bettors face with their deposit option is still faced with the withdrawal—it is not local to the Nigerian betting community.

Bet365 Withdrawal Limits: Bet365 has various withdrawal limits for their Nigerian assigned payment methods, and they’re explained below:

  • ATM cards (Debit and credit card): Min is $10 while maxi is $30,000
  • Bank Wire: Min is $40 while maxi is $50,000
  • Cheque: Min is $1,500 while maxi is $80,000

Bet365 isn’t currently trying to cater to the Nigerian audience. But it’s not something directly related to Nigerians, and they offer specialized services to only a few countries in the world.

Also, note that you’ll be required to complete KYC before you’re even allowed to withdraw.

Bet365 Customer Service

Bet365 offers a highly-skilled customer support department that is available 24/7. They have various ways you can contact their support, even with their well-documented help page.

You can contact the Bet365 support via live chat, email, web message, phone call or even via post. The fastest means to get a response though is through live chat which always has an agent ready to listen to your request and get it solved.

How to Register in Bet365

bet365 Nigeria - How to register

Just like everything with Bet365, their registration is simplistic. You only need to visit the betting platform and enter your details, as shown in the form.

After registration, you might be asked to perform KYC, and this can be skipped but note you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings without verifying your account.

They also have a unique feature which if you’ve only been registering on Nigeria focused betting companies, you will find it new and that is the four-digit secure code. You’re required to create and choose this code as a security measure, take note and don’t forget the code.

How To Deposit on Bet365

bet365 Nigeria - How to deposit

Bet365 deposit might not be a comfortable ride for Nigerians. The current Nigerian government limitations on international transactions is a significant setback for most Nigerians as using the debit or credit card method might not work for them. Many banks will reject the transaction because of these limitations.

Paysafe Card is another viable means in line with wire transfer. However, the fees associated with using these services might still put off the average Nigerian bettor, especially when there is no guarantee he will win his bet.

However, here are the ways you can deposit to your Bet365 account from Nigeria:

  • Login to your account
  • Click on your account.
  • Select deposit
  • Choose your preferred deposit method.
  • Follow the instructions

You’ll successfully deposit into your account.

How Bet365 Operate in Nigeria

Bet365 is not yet directly operating in Nigeria. They only accept Nigerians into their betting platform, but their services and offers are focused on their target countries.

However, they still offer great odds and various sports markets, casino, horse races, virtual games and others.

They also have various promotions in which their users can make use of and try to enhance their chances of winning.

Bet365 — The Good

Cash-out: Bet365 has an impressive cash-out option. They have an automatic cash out system and a manual Cash out system which ensures you don’t lose your money when you’re not around. Their users highly welcome their innovative cash out system, and it’s one of the reasons why they prefer to other betting companies.

Bonuses and Promotions

bet365 Nigeria - Bonuses and promotions

Bet365 offers $30 welcome bonus to new customers. They also offer various promotions and special bets every week to their customers.

Live Inplay

Bet365 Nigeria live bet

Bet365 are known as the king of live in-play by various punters. Their market options and odds for their live games are almost unrivalled. You can hardly get a better option in another betting company as at the time of this post, and it’s not a bluff, you can check it yourself.

Also, they have an audio commentary feature on their live games that ensures you watch live streams or hear the live audio game commentaries yourself and make betting decisions.

Bet365 — The Bad

Bet365 is a top betting company that has been around for quite a long time. However, for Nigerians, they don’t offer services as mentioned above that helps onboard the average Nigerian bettor.

Bet365 is excellent for the countries they’re focused on. They offer an exciting betting experience to their users with quick and professional services.

The Bet365 Platform

Sport Types: Bet365 offers numerous sport types for their customers. You’ll find almost all types of international recognized sport on the Bet365 platform.

If you are looking to bet on a particular outcome in a not widely known sport event, you should try to check on Bet365 first.

Bet Slip: Bet365 platform bet slip is excellent and interactive. You can build your bets and also set automatic cash out on your running bet slips. Also, the data shown in their betting slip is highly informational.

Special Tools: Bet365 offers a few special tools for its users to utilize when betting. They offer special tools like bet builder, game statistics, audio commentary for live games and cash-out option.

Sports Betting Experience

Quality of Odds: The quality of odds offer by the Bet365 betting platform is high. When you compare their odds to most odds offered by Nigerian based betting companies, you’ll understand that there is a significant difference.

Betting Limit: Bet365 has a low stake of $1. However, their maximum stake is $1,000,000. They offer very low and very high staking limits.

Mobile Options: Bet365 offers an excellent mobile betting platform and various mobile apps for their various betting offers. They have a special app for Sports betting, casino, live Bingo, games etc.


Bet365 is a great betting platform, and their years of experience can be seen in their various offerings. They’re a great place to have an excellent betting experience with an enhanced chance to win.

Question and Answer — Bet365

Q. Does Bet365 have a mobile app?

A. Yes, Bet365 have various mobile apps for various betting offers.

Q. Does Bet365 offer a welcome bonus for new customers?

A. Yes, they offer $30 welcome bonus.

Q. What is the minimum stake?

A. You can stake as low as $1.

Q. Is Bet365 Legit?

A. Yes, Bet365 is a legit registered company.

Q. How quick is Bet365 Payout?

A. Bet365 payout is fast.

Q. How quick and reliable is their support?

A. Bet365 offers one of the best support in the sports betting industry.

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