• Nice customer support
  • Very user-friendly website
  • Fast payout (instant)
  • Wide availability of sports markets
  • Cashback option
  • Various promotions
  • Merrybet has low to average odds
  • Support frequency is not fast
  • No welcome bonus

Merrybet is among the highly regarded and famous betting companies in Nigeria. Merrybet came into existence in the Nigerian betting industry when sports betting started to boom in Nigeria. Merrybet offers unique and interesting features which makes them favourites among the Nigerian betting community.

The betting company is licensed and reliably operating in Nigeria. I bet you must have used or heard about Merrybet, but if you haven’t, read on. 

Payment Details

Merrybet Deposit Options: Merrybet offers various deposit options for their users to choose from, and their deposit options are:

  • Webpay
  • GT Collections
  • ATM deposit
  • Quickteller
  • Paydirect Nigeria
  • GlobalPay
  • Paystack card
  • Paystack bank
  • Bank deposit

Merrybet Withdrawal Options: Merrybet offers direct bank withdrawal method. It is worth it to know that Merrybet offers two bank withdrawal options, and we will explain briefly below:

Bank Withdrawal: This withdrawal option allows their customers to withdraw a minimum of 1000 naira and a maximum of 10 million naira. The speed of the withdrawal is 24-48 hours, and there is no fee integrated with this option.

Instant Withdrawal: This exciting feature allows the user to be able to withdraw as low as 1 naira (mad oh!!) and a maximum of 300001 naira. The withdrawal speed is instant, and it is suitable in cases of emergency. However, there is a small fee of 50 naira associated with this withdrawal method. 

Merrybet Customer Service

Merrybet offers very friendly customer support. The platform features various customer support channels, ranging from live chat to phone, social media, and email support options. Their fastest support channels that you normally get solutions is the phone and live chat. The betting company though doesn’t seem to prioritize their support as you’ll have to wait for some extended time before being attended to. 

How to Register in Merrybet

Merrybet registration is very easy, though they ask more questions for details that can be added during account setup. I honestly don’t know if this is a good or bad thing, but the required data are important anyway.

You’ll need to enter your email and your real details because the platform might require KYC from some of their customers. After registration, you can confirm your email and get started with this excellent betting website.

How To Deposit on Merrybet

Merrybet has various deposit options, and these options ensure that they can cater to various users. The process of depositing in Merrybet is very simple, and you can follow these simple steps to deposit funds into your Merrybet account:

  • Login to your Merrybet account
  • Click on “My account” if you’re on mobile, PC users will see the deposit button at the upper right side of the screen.
  • Next, you’ll need to select your preferred deposit option.
  • Follow the prompts for your preferred deposit option, and voila, you have successfully deposited to your Merrybet account.

How Merrybet Operate in Nigeria

Merrybet has both physical agent shops for offline users and an online platform for Nigerians that want place bets from the comfort of their home. Merrybets promotions and features are available to both customers who are placing bets on physical agent shops and to customers who prefer direct deposit and placing bets with their mobile phones.

Merrybet has grown stronger over the years and is currently challenging top betting companies in Nigeria. The offer both Casino, virtual, sports and a community punters league to keep their users engaged with a chance to win prizes. 

Even though they don’t perform heavy advertising like other betting companies in Nigeria, their offers and features like cashback, cashout, and stats makes them among the favourites for sports betting.

Merrybet — The Good

Merrybet offers an exciting betting platform for its users. They are studded with features that aren’t easily found in other betting sites in Nigeria. They’ve got an instant withdrawal in place together with a host of other features. We will go through some of these features below:


This is one great feature that is highly welcomed by many Nigerians. Even though there are conditions that surround this rule, it is still highly beneficial in situations whereby you made a mistake in your bet slip, or you’re in doubt of a selected outcome.


This is another interesting and vital feature of the Merrybet platform. I’m sure you’ve used this feature already previously, but if you’ve not, you should think about using it sometimes. The top betting sites only offer the cash-out feature and in Nigeria, and Merrybet is one of them.

Sports Event Statistics

When you need to evaluate past outcomes of events quickly. Merrybet provides game statistics that show the most basic stats and facts that you should know about to help you make an informed decision.

Punters League

This is a platform league organized by Merrybet to allow their best bettors to win prices based on points accrued. These points can be gotten when users place bets and win the bets, the more you win, the more points you accrue. The prices for the punters vary, you might want to check it out and join.

Other important features of this platform are live in-play and virtual games. Both of these features are found many other betting sites, and Merrybet isn’t an exception.

Merrybet — The Bad

Merrybet though are very interesting with all its features are slacking in their customer service department. Replies from their customer support department aren’t fast when compared to other betting companies in Nigeria.

Also, Merrybet doesn’t offer any welcome bonus for its new users, that’s bad, but no too bad. 

Merrybet is revolutionary when it comes to how the platform has grown with the competitive betting industry of Nigeria. Their platform is highly easy to use, and they have excellent features that help minimize the risks taken when placing a bet. 

The Merrybet Platform

Sport Types: Merrybet offers a wide range of sports betting types and alternative event markets. You won’t only find the boring 1×2 games, and there are other interesting options that you can go for and reduce the risk in your selections.

Special Tools: Merrybet offers stats for sports events listed on their platform, especially football events. Even though the stats available doesn’t contain comprehensive data, but it is still great to give you an idea of how the past events were like.

Sports Betting Experience

Quality of Odds: Merrybet odds aren’t the best in the market sadly. They offer a medium to average odds on their sporting events and even on their virtual games.

Betting Limit: Merrybet allows for stakes as low as 50 naira. This is their minimum stake, and they have no known maximum stake on their platform.

Mobile Options: Merrybet has various mobile options ranging from smartphone mobile version, old/lite phone mobile version, and a smartphone app. Their mobile platforms are easy to use and fast with loading its pages.


Merrybet is an outstanding betting company in Nigeria. Their features and promotional offers make them one of the best betting companies in Nigeria. However, if you’re interested in high odds or welcome bonus, know that Merrybet isn’t for you.

Question and Answer — Merrybet

Q. Does Merrybet have a mobile app?

A. Yes, Merrybet has a mobile app.

Q. Does Merrybet offer a welcome bonus for new customers?

A. No, Merrybet doesn’t offer a welcome bonus for their new customers.

Q. What is the minimum stake?

A. Their minimum stake is 50 naira.

Q. Is Merrybet Legit?

A. Yes, Merrybet is a legit registered company in Nigeria.

Q. How quick is Merrybet Payout?

A. They have instant payment.

Q. How quick and reliable is their support?

A. Their support is reliable but not quick.

Merrybet Details

Withdrawal Methods:
Withdrawal Limits:
3.5 rating

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