Europa League 2020/2021 Preview and Betting Tips

The Europa League is one of the most compliment football tournaments in the world. It is the kid brother of UCL and is equally hard to predict.

This competition is almost unpredictable because of the sheer number of teams and the addition of UCL third place teams that joins the competition at a later stage.

Europa League Predictions

However, we will be updating you with our prediction for each 2020/21 Europa league season, and without wasting further your time, let’s look out how likely this competition will play out and what outright is available in Nigerian betting platforms.

Who Will Win The Europa League 2021?

Predicting who will win the Europa is a bit hard because the favorites to win the competition is playing in the Champions League and unless they are third in their Champions League group, they won’t be able to win this season’s Europa League competition—that team is Sevilla.

Our Prediction: Arsenal To Lift The Trophy

While this is a very bold call, Mikel Arteta (Arsenals head coach) is cooking something impressive and dangerous at Arsenal. These can be seen in many statement wins and displays and signings that they have made.

  • Nairabet: Nairabet offers 8.00 odds for Arsenal to lift the trophy.
  • NetBet: NetBet offers 8.00 odds for Arsenal to lift the trophy.
  • Betway: Betway offers 7.85 odds for Arsenal to lift the trophy.

Arsenal will face stiff competition from other top clubs like Tottenham who has same odds to win the trophy, and especially Champions league third placed teams. However, we expect them to overcome and lift the trophy.

Group Winners Prediction– Which Team Would Win The Group Stage And Qualify

Group A Prediction: Roma 1st and Young Boys to Qualify

We expect Roma to come up top of the group because they have more squad quality than the rest of the teams in their group. The runner up place is expected to go Young Boys, because they are the strongest threat AS Roma should face from this group.

  • Roma to win has 1.20 odds at NetBet.
  • Both to qualify is 2.30 odds at Betway

Group B Prediction: Arsenal 1st and Rapid Wien to Qualify

Arsenal is undoubtedly the winners of this group if they are to keep up with their strides and form. The sheer amount of quality in their team means they’ll breeze through any of their team opposition. The Rapid Wien is expected to qualify alongside Arsenal in this group. 

  • Arsenal to win has 1.08 odds at NetBet.
  • Both to qualify is 1.72 odds at Betway

Group C Prediction: Bayer Leverkusen 1st and Slavia Prague to Qualify.

This group is very competitive, but Leverkusen is expected to qualify if not win the group. Slavia Praha is another team to watch out for in this group as they can be resilient most times.

  • Leverkusen to win has 1.66 odds at NetBet.
  • Both to qualify is 3.80 odds at Betway

Group D prediction: Benefica 1st and Rangers to Qualify

Benefica are a Champions league team and they have the better squad to breeze through their opponents in this group.  Rangers on the other hand, are having a mixed turn out of events, but should still qualify from this group.

  • Benefica to win has 1.80 odds at NetBet.
  • Both to qualify is 1.80 odds at Betway

Group E Prediction: PSV Eindhoven 1st and Granada to Qualify

PSV Eindhoven is playing some interesting football which is likely propel them safely to the top of this group. Their biggest threat is the Spanish team Granada, but would most likely come out victorious while Granada takes the second place.

  • PSV to win has 2.25 odds at NetBet.
  • Both to qualify is 1.55 odds at Betway

Group F prediction: Napoli 1st and Real Sociedad to Qualify

Napoli is another team who are supposed to be in the Champions league but are currently playing in the Europa league. Their squad quality and new signings doesn’t make any team a match for them in this group. Real Sociedad is the closest competition they’ll have in this group, but it is expected that Napoli shall prevail.

  • Napoli to win has 1.80 odds at NetBet.
  • Both to qualify is 1.40 odds at Betway

Group G Prediction: Leicester 1st and Braga to Qualify

The English team Leicester are no match for teams in this group. We expect an easy qualification for them in this group. Another team most likely to qualify is Sporting Braga, even there is a stiff competition for second place, they should come out top.

  • Leicester to win has 1.52 odds at NetBet.
  • Both to qualify is 1.60 odds at Betway.

Group H Prediction: Ac Milan 1st and Celtic to Qualify

This is a very tight group and there will be a good fight for the top position. AC Milan have started finding their strides again as a big club and they are expected to come out top in this group. Celtic would also put up a nice fight, but we expect them to take the second place.

  • Milan to win has 1.57 odds at NetBet.
  • Both to qualify is 2.50 odds at Betway.

Group I Prediction: Villarreal 1st and Maccabi Tel-Aviv to Qualify

The Spanish team Villarreal is expected to come out top of the Europa league Group I. Minus Tel-Aviv, they don’t have any real competitor for that top position. The Israeli club Maccabi Tel-Aviv is expected to qualify from the group stage though.

  • Villarreal to win has 1.22 odds at NetBet.
  • Both to qualify is 3.20 odds at Betway.

Group J Prediction: Tottenham 1st and LASK to Qualify

Tottenham is extensively equipped to win the Europa league with an experienced manager and also top experienced players. Mourinho isn’t a newbie when it comes to European football and his team should win through this group with ease. LASK is expected to qualify for the knock out stages even though would be hard. 

  • Tottenham to win has 1.12 odds at NetBet.
  • Both to qualify is 1.85 odds at Betway

Group K Prediction: CSKA Moskva 1st and Feyenoord to Qualify

The Russian giant club is expected to win their group even though it is a very tight call. In the Europa league group K, the race is open for every team, but we think that they would pull through. Feyenoord is expected to qualify from this group though it won’t be easy task.

  • CSKA to win has 2.20 odds at NetBet.
  • Both to qualify is 1.80 odds at Betway

Group L Prediction: Hoffenheim 1st and Gent to Qualify

This group is another group of death in the Europa league. However, Hoffenheim is well equipped to take on their rivals.  Gent is another top team in this group and would put up a good fight. We are expecting them to qualify for the knockout stages from this group.

  • Hoffenheim to win has 1.57 odds at NetBet.
  • Both to qualify is 1.90 odds at Betway

Who will win the Golden Boot?

We expect the Arsenal striker Aubameyang to be the top scorer in this competition. He will have much impact in Arsenals strive to the European success.  

However, there is no odds yet for this market in Nigerian betting companies. Are you ready for the new season? You can visit our daily tips and football prediction pages for our weekly and daily analyzed betting tips.

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