Aviator Nigeria

The Aviator game was introduced into the online casino world in 2019. And ever since then, it has become one of the most-played games in several online casinos across the world.

What is Aviator Gaming?

An Aviator is a prevalent online casino game that permits players to wait until they claim their winnings on a betting site.

Who is an Aviator?

An aviator typically refers to someone who operates an aircraft. In the game context, it symbolizes the virtual plane or the concept of the game itself.

What Does an Aviator Do?

In real life, an aviator pilots an aircraft. In the game, the aviator (or plane) ascends, and players must decide when to cash out their bets before the plane crashes.

Aviator Betting

Aviator betting is a type of online game that users wager on, and it’s usually virtual Aviator games. This game can be found in the casino section of various sportsbook platforms. Users place bets on the result of an aviator game, which often includes a plane either ascending or descending. 

The Fairness of an Aviator Game

The fairness of this game is solely dependent on the game itself. For instance,  the Aviator game on a betting site might be created to offer fair and random results without any manipulation. It is also very important to consider the clarity of the game’s odds, and rules, and how withdrawal is being made from the game.

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Top Aviation Betting Sites in Nigeria

Some of the top Aviation betting sites in Nigeria in 2023 are:

How to Play Aviator

The idea of this game is established on the results of a virtual plane flight on which players can stake their bets. Players can place one or more bets before the plane begins to fly.

Note that it is depending on the number of times specified by the betting site they are using. Once the plane starts to fly, the multiplier is shown on the screen. This multiplier decides your potential winnings.

The more the plane flies in the air, the higher your multiplier or your winnings. To get this win,  you must cash out as fast as you can before the plane stops flying or disappears from the screen. If you don’t cash out before the plane disappears from the screen, you will lose all your wagering amount.

Here is how to play an aviator game:

  • Deposit in your preferred betting site
  • Go to the casino section and open the Aviator game
  • You can try the demo to practice before tapping the play button if you are a beginner. It will help you become knowledgeable about the game
  • Wager a specified amount on the Aviator game. 
  • As soon as the plane starts to ascend, monitor it to know when to cash out
  • You can continue if your outcome is favorable, but if you lose your stake. It’s best to pause for a while before trying again

Factors to Consider When Selecting an Aviator Betting Site

There are several elements to consider when choosing an Aviator betting site in Nigeria. We’ll list them below.


Before registering on any online casino platform anywhere in the world. Ensure that you read reviews about the betting site before making your choices. If you get to see several positive feedbacks, then proceed to register and play your game. However, if you see bad reviews about the game, kindly stay clear of the game.


Another factor to consider is the regulation aspect. Ensure that the betting site that houses the aviator game is well-regulated by the appropriate bodies. This will show whether they are operating in line with the rules and legal frame of the betting site.

Choosing a Game

It’s best to opt for a betting site with various casino games. Note that each aviator game has different features, including gameplay options.

Customer Service

Go for a betting site that will respond to your query swiftly.  Especially those with various channels on their platform.

User Experience

It is very important to consider the navigation, and how user-friendly the Aviator game betting site is. It’s no fun when a player cannot enjoy an incredible gaming experience. However, when the game’s interface is friendly and incredible, ensure that you opt for it. 

Security/ Privacy

Another factor you should bear in mind is the safety and privacy of your information. It is very crucial to know how safe your data is on your preferred betting site

Best Aviator Game Betting Sites

1xbet’s Aviator, also known as Crash, is gaining immense popularity among online gaming enthusiasts worldwide. This game offers a unique blend of thrill, strategy, and the potential for significant rewards.

1xbet Aviator (Crash)

Aviator on 1xbet is a game where players bet on an airplane’s journey. As the plane soars, the associated multiplier rises. Players aim to cash out their winnings at the right moment, ideally before the plane crashes. The game is a test of intuition, risk-taking, and timely decision-making.

Playing Aviator on 1xbet:

Game Mechanics: Once the plane begins its ascent, players must rely on their instincts and luck. The challenge is to maximize returns without succumbing to the risks. Players should strategize their moves to gradually increase their balance.

Registration: To unlock the game’s full potential, players need to register on 1xbet’s official website. Registration offers benefits like real money bets, interaction with other users, withdrawal of winnings, and access to support specialists.

Profile Verification: After registration, players must provide identity verification documents to ensure they meet the platform’s criteria.

Logging In: Registered players can log in using their email or ID and password.

Playing the Game: Search for “Crash” on 1xbet to access the Aviator game. The game rules remain consistent with the original version, with the primary objective being to cash out before the plane crashes.

Deposit Methods

Players can fund their accounts using various methods, including:

  • Bank cards (Visa and MasterCard)
  • PayStack

Promotions and Bonuses

1xbet frequently offers promo codes and special promotions to its users. Subscribing to their newsletter ensures players receive these offers directly in their inbox.

Demo Version

For those new to the game, 1xbet offers a demo version of Aviator. This allows players to practice and develop strategies without risking real money.

Why Choose 1xbet’s Aviator?

1xbet is a renowned online casino offering a plethora of games from globally recognized providers. The Aviator game on this platform has seen many players earn substantial amounts. Many users have reported having the best luck with Aviator on 1xbet, making it a top choice for many.

Sportybet Aviator

Sportybet Casino, a globally recognized online casino, boasts a diverse portfolio of games from top-tier software providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech. Licensed by the Government of Curacao, Sportybet Casino ensures a secure gaming environment for its players. Whether you’re a fan of slots, table games, video poker, or live dealer games, Sportybet has something for everyone. Additionally, sports enthusiasts can place bets on their favorite sports through the casino’s sportsbook.

Aviator Game at Sportybet Casino

The Aviator crash game, a unique offering at Sportybet Casino, is not your typical casino game. Players bet on a plane’s flight, aiming to cash out their winnings as the plane’s multiplier increases. The challenge lies in cashing out before the plane disappears, ensuring maximum returns.

How to Play Aviator at Sportybet

Understanding the Game: In Aviator, players bet on whether a plane will crash. The game starts with a 1.00x multiplier, which increases as the plane flies. Players aim to cash out their bet multiplied by the current multiplier before the round ends. The excitement lies in the unpredictability of the round’s end.

Betting Strategies: While some players prefer a minimum risk strategy, cashing out at multipliers like x1.20 or x1.21, others opt for riskier tactics, aiming for multipliers like x2 or x3. The game’s auto-cashout feature can be handy, allowing players to set maximum and minimum cashout limits.

Registration: To play, click on the “Sign Up” button on Sportybet’s homepage, provide your details, and create an account. Existing users can log in directly.

Deposits and Withdrawals: Sportybet offers multiple payment options, including credit/debit cards and e-wallets. Withdrawals are processed swiftly, typically within 24-48 hours.

BetKing Aviator

Developed by Spribe in 2019, Aviator has rapidly gained global acclaim. Distinct from traditional slots, Aviator fosters a sense of community among players. On Betking, participants can engage in this game, promoting interactions and camaraderie.

How to Play Aviator on BetKing

The game revolves around placing a bet as a plane prepares for takeoff. As the plane ascends, so does the potential multiplier. Players must decide when to cash out to maximize their winnings. If they delay, the plane might crash, taking their wager with it.

Why BetKing’s Aviator Stands Out

User Experience: BetKing’s intuitive interface ensures easy navigation. Stunning graphics and animations further enhance the gaming atmosphere.

Safety First: BetKing employs advanced security measures, ensuring that players’ data and financial transactions remain protected.

Customer Support: A dedicated team is always ready to assist players, be it for game clarifications or technical issues.

Demo Mode: Players can familiarize themselves with Aviator’s mechanics using the demo mode, allowing them to hone their strategies before betting real money.

Responsible Gaming: BetKing emphasizes responsible gaming, encouraging players to set loss limits. This ensures that players can enjoy the game without exceeding their budget.

1Win Aviator

1Win, a leading online sportsbook in Nigeria and beyond, offers a diverse range of games, including the popular Aviator card game. While Aviator is widely played, mastering it can be challenging due to its various versions and unique rules.

Understanding Aviator on 1Win

Game Objective: Players aim to be the last one flying, starting at 25,000 feet with a full fuel tank and an active weapons system. The challenge is to strategize attacks while avoiding enemy territories.

Game Mechanics: Players control a plane using a computer mouse or arrow keys, aiming to stay airborne as long as possible. The game rewards speed, but crashing ends the round. An auto-aim feature assists players based on their altitude.

Unique Features: Aviator stands out as it doesn’t require an internet connection and is free from ads or in-app purchases. Unlike most games that offer four-directional flight, Aviator immerses players in an eight-directional cockpit experience.

Playing Platforms: Aviator is browser-compatible, supporting Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer. It’s also available on 1win website, equipped with all necessary gaming tools.

Getting Started on 1Win

Registration: Visit 1Win and click the sign-up button. Provide a username, password, and valid email address or phone number. After selecting your country, complete the registration and verify your account using the provided code.

Playing Aviator: 1Win’s Aviator offers solo and team jumps. Solo jumps reward distance traveled, while team jumps focus on speed between zones. Players can choose the number of zones for their turn, distinguishing each zone by color (yellow, red, blue). Traversing all three zones grants an extra 100 points. Note: Solo jumps ending or starting in a blue zone grant an additional 50 points.

Strategies for Winning Aviator on 1Win

While Aviator involves simultaneous moves between two players, the last player to move typically wins, unless previously eliminated. Elimination occurs when a player is cornered, and unable to move their pieces for a turn. For instance, creating an L shape that traps an opponent’s tile can immobilize them.

Effective strategies include:

Bankroll and Risk Management: While no strategy guarantees a win, managing your bankroll and risks can prolong your game session. Consider placing a large bet with an early withdrawal, coupled with a smaller bet aiming for a higher multiplier.

Volatile Play: Another approach is to play aggressively, cashing out early to secure gains.

Live Score Bet Aviator

Aviator, now available on Live Score Bet, is an exhilarating online betting game where players can win up to ₦50 million, featuring the biggest Aviator jackpot in Nigeria. To play, participants place a minimum bet of ₦200 and can take advantage of a special promotion to receive an additional ₦1000.

The game involves watching a virtual plane take off and deciding the optimal moment to cash out before the plane flies away. The longer the plane stays in the air, the higher the potential winnings.

However, if players fail to cash out before the plane flies away, they lose their bet, adding a thrilling risk-reward element to the game.

Bet9ja Aviator

Bet9ja Aviator has emerged as a sought-after online game, offering players a unique blend of excitement and the potential for significant wins.

Overview of Bet9ja Aviator

Bet9ja Aviator is an online game where players bet on an airplane’s flight. As the plane ascends, the associated multiplier increases. Players aim to cash out their winnings before the plane crashes or reaches a certain altitude. The game is simple, making it suitable for both novices and seasoned players. Plus, with a bit of luck, substantial wins are possible.

Key Features of Bet9ja Aviator

User Experience: The game boasts high-quality design and animations, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Demo Version: Players can try the game without risking real money using the demo version.

Fair Play: Bet9ja Aviator uses a transparent algorithm based on a random number generator, ensuring unbiased outcomes.

Playing Bet9ja Aviator

Placing a Bet: Decide on your bet amount and watch the airplane’s journey. The challenge is to determine when to cash out to maximize returns.

Depositing Funds: Before playing with real money, deposit funds using various available options, including bank transfers, card payments, and e-wallets.

Melbet Aviator

Melbet introduces Aviator, a refreshing take on the traditional slot game. Since its debut, Aviator has garnered immense attention and is now available on Melbet, offering a fresh gaming experience for its dedicated players. This guide will walk you through the intricacies of the Aviator Spribe game.

Crafted by UK-based Spribe in 2019, Aviator has quickly become a global sensation. Unlike conventional slots, Aviator boasts distinct features and promotes a sense of community among players. Melbet’s users can now engage with this game, fostering interactions and camaraderie.

Playing Aviator on Melbet

The game’s essence lies in placing a bet while the plane is stationary and cashing out before it departs. As a crash game, the plane can either soar or crash unexpectedly. Key points include:

  • Minimum bet: N10, Maximum bet: N/A.
  • Place bets within 5 seconds before the round commences.
  • Maximum of two bets allowed per round.
  • Rounds vary in duration.
  • Multipliers on the graph indicate potential winnings.
  • Cashing out is crucial before the plane exits or crashes.

Demo Version on Melbet

For those unfamiliar, Melbet offers a demo version of Aviator. This allows players to:

  • Visit Melbet’s website.
  • Select “Slots” and click on “Spribe Aviator.”
  • Opt for the demo version.
  • Engage in virtual betting and cash out before the plane vanishes.

Real Money Play

After mastering the game, players can transition to real money play by:

  • Logging into Melbet.
  • Depositing funds.
  • Accessing Aviator and setting bet configurations.
  • Placing bets and monitoring multipliers.
  • Cashing out timely.

Features of Melbet’s Aviator

Aviator stands out due to its:

  • Social Interaction: Players can chat, view live bets, and observe round results.
  • Auto Options: Automatic betting and cashout features.
  • Total Control: Players have control over most game aspects.
  • Rain Promo: Rewards in the form of “raindrops” that players can claim.

Winning Strategies

While Aviator operates randomly, some strategies can enhance gameplay:

  • Allocate time and set a budget.
  • Begin with small bets and aim for modest multipliers.
  • Take breaks to refresh and reassess strategies.

Benefits of Playing on Melbet

Melbet offers:

  • A plethora of payment methods.
  • Attractive bonuses, including a welcome bonus of up to N500,000.
  • Efficient customer support.
  • A mobile app for both iOS and Android.
  • Trustworthiness, backed by the Curacao Gaming Authority.

Comparison with Other Games

Besides Aviator, Melbet offers a vast array of games, including Slots, Blackjack, Poker, Bingo, Roulette, and more.

22Bet Aviator

22bet is making waves in the casino world by actively enhancing its crash games section, collaborating with esteemed providers such as Spribe, Smartsoft, and BestSolutions. The platform’s immersive experience is further elevated by its full-screen mode. Dive into this review to uncover Aviator’s gameplay nuances and leverage the enticing 100% welcome bonus, which can go up to N500,000.

Aviator, characterized by its low to medium volatility, boasts a commendable return-to-player ratio of 97%. This means for every N100 spent, players can expect a return of at least N97. The game’s live mode offers a glimpse into the actions of other 22bet Casino participants. Plus, players can seamlessly access Aviator across devices by adding it to their favorites.

Navigating 22bet Aviator

Mobile App: 22bet’s mobile application ensures a smooth Aviator experience on both Android and iOS. To download:

  • Visit the official 22bet application site.
  • Navigate to the mobile casino app page.
  • Access the platform’s app versions and download the desired one.
  • For Android users, remember to allow installations from unknown sources.

Login Process: To indulge in Aviator with real stakes:

  • Access the official platform via the mobile app or website.
  • Register or log in.
  • Deposit funds.
  • Head to the Fast Games section and launch Aviator.
  • Place your bet and aim to cash out before the plane vanishes.

Deposits & Withdrawals

22bet tailors its payment methods based on the player’s location. Nigerian players can utilize:

  • Card options like Mastercard, VISA
  • Bank Transfer

Demo Version

22bet’s Aviator demo mirrors the real game, showcasing the live profits of active players. However, betting isn’t possible in this mode.

Game Rules

Only Nigerian players aged 18 and above can participate. The game employs tools to detect unfair play by analyzing previous round outcomes.

Gameplay Strategy

Players should develop a robust strategy to manage their funds effectively. Adhering to a consistent strategy can help mitigate significant losses.

Game Features

Aviator offers various features to enhance player comfort, such as automatic cashouts during internet disruptions, color-coded value statistics, and over 70 unique avatars for live chat.

Other Games

22bet’s vast repertoire includes Roulette, Slots, Poker, Fast Games, Bingo, and more. Additionally, the TOTO section allows players to win jackpots exceeding 3 million rupees by predicting sports event outcomes.

Betway Aviator

Betway Nigeria offers the Aviator game at its casino. Globally recognized and loved by fans, Aviator is now available for play at Betway.

Prepare for your gaming journey, and let’s delve deeper into the features of Aviator.

Playing Aviator: A Guide

Aviator is centered around four main components:

  • Stake: This represents the amount you wish to bet.
  • Multiplier: Your stake gets multiplied by this value if you secure a win.
  • Plane: As the plane rises, so does the multiplier. However, ensure your plane doesn’t disappear.
  • Cash Out: To lock in your winnings, press ‘cash out’ before the plane exits the screen.

To start playing:

  • Access the Betway casino and launch Aviator.
  • Set your desired stake at the screen’s base.
  • Wait for your game round to commence.
  • As the plane begins its ascent, monitor the multiplier’s growth. Be cautious, as the plane might vanish unexpectedly. To lock in your winnings, cash out before the plane departs from view. If you don’t cash out in time and the plane disappears, you’ll lose. It’s possible to place varying stakes in a single game, but you’d need to cash out for each stake.

With the basics covered, it’s time to buckle up and prepare for an exhilarating gaming experience.

Mozzartbet Aviator

The iGaming industry has recently introduced the Aviator betting game, available at various online casinos. Among these, Mozzartbet’s Aviator stands out as a highly popular choice.

Mozzartbet Aviator is a simple yet engaging game. Players place a bet, and a plane starts its journey across the screen. The game’s multiplier begins at 1x and keeps increasing. However, players must cash out before the plane disappears from the screen, marking the end of the multiplier’s rise.

Playing Mozzartbet Aviator

Registration: To play, you first need a Mozzartbet account. Registration involves providing personal details like phone number and email, and setting a password.

Depositing Funds: After registration, deposit funds using available methods in Nigeria, such as Bank Transfer and Paybill.

Starting the Game: Navigate to the “Aviator” tab next to Sports and Casino. Registered users can log in using their credentials.

Gameplay: As the game begins, a plane moves across the screen. Players can adjust their stakes using on-screen buttons. The objective is to cash out with the highest multiplier. 

However, if you don’t cash out before the plane exits the screen or crashes, you lose the accumulated multiplier.

The game’s dynamics are somewhat reminiscent of slot machines. Players can view other participants’ avatars and actions on the screen’s left side.

Key Rules and Tips

Account and Funds: A registered account with a minimum deposit is mandatory.

Understanding RNG (Random Number Generator): The game operates on RNG, meaning outcomes are entirely random. Players need to strategize when to cash out, balancing potential gains with the risk of losing the multiplier.

Cash Out Feature: Familiar to seasoned bettors, this feature allows players to secure their winnings at any point during the game.

Mozzartbet Aviator Multiplier: Starting at 1x, the multiplier can potentially reach high values like 20x, 30x, or even 50x. However, higher multipliers are rare.

Demo Version: New players can familiarize themselves with the game using the demo version, which mirrors the real game but doesn’t involve real money.

The Mozzartbet Aviator game offers a refreshing change from traditional casino games. It has received positive reviews from players worldwide. Its unique nature, being one of the few crash games available, makes it a standout choice.

22bet Aviator

This is a recent betting site in Nigeria. One of the many reasons for its popularity is the presence of the Aviator games in its casino section.

Demo Option

This option helps players to explore all the strategies  and familiarize with the aviator game until they are ready to play with real money.

In-live Game Chat

The in-live game chat is an avenue for you to meet and discuss with other players on your preferred betting site.

Cash Out

This feature is usually displayed beneath the plane’s flight on the screen. As the multiplier increases, the cash out amount also increases. However, as soon as the plane disappears, the cash out button too will disappear.

Displayed Bets of Other Players

For each round of game, the amount staked by you and other players will reflect in the live bets section. Here, you can see how much other players have made from the Aviatior game.

Betano Aviator

Betano Casino, a renowned online platform, offers an array of casino games, including the much-talked-about Aviator crash game. With licensing from the Malta Gaming Authority and fortified with the latest SSL encryption, Betano ensures a secure gaming environment. They provide multiple payment options like Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, and PayStack. Additionally, players can avail of various bonuses such as welcome offers, reload bonuses, and cashback schemes.

Engage in Real Money Aviator Game at Betano

Aviator, developed by Spribe, is not your typical slot game. The game’s essence is to cash out your winnings as the plane ascends, ensuring you do so before it disappears. This unique game offers a refreshing break from traditional casino games, promising an adrenaline-filled experience.

Understanding the Betano Aviator Game

The Aviator game is straightforward. As the plane takes off and climbs, the attached bet multiplier increases. Players aim to cash out their winnings at the optimal moment before the plane exits the screen. The game offers three distinct betting options: separate bets, auto bets, and auto cashouts, each enhancing the gaming experience.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Betano

To engage in the Aviator crash game, players need to deposit funds. Betano provides various deposit options, including credit and debit cards and e-wallets. Withdrawals are processed efficiently, ensuring players can access their winnings with ease.

Bonuses and Promotions

New players at Betano can benefit from a Welcome Bonus, potentially receiving up to N50,000 in bonus money. This 100% match bonus on the initial deposit requires a 35x wager before withdrawal. Apart from this, Betano frequently offers reload bonuses, free spins, and other promotions. Their VIP program allows players to accumulate loyalty points, which can be exchanged for bonus money or prizes.


Can an Aviator game be predicted?

No, it cannot. All the rounds of each Aviator game are random and probably fair. In other words, it was created to be unpredictable.

What is the best trick to win an aviator game?

The trick to winning this plane flight game is by wagering with little amount of money and cashing out of the game earlier. If you leave the multiplier for too long, you might lose all your wagering amount.

Where can I play the Aviator game in Nigeria?

Just as mentioned above, they are:

  • Sportybet
  • Live Score Bet
  • 1Win
  • Bet9ja
  • Betway
  • 22bet
  • Betking
  • 1xbet
  • Betano
  • Melbet
  • Mozzartbet

Bear in mind that there are other betting sites in Nigeria. The aforementioned are the top popular ones.

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