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Free bets Nigeria: How to Get Free bets in Nigeria

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Free bets are one of the most popular forms of promotions offered by online sports betting platforms. They offer a great way for bettors to bet without risking their own money and can be a powerful tool for both beginners and seasoned bettors alike.

What are Free Bets?

Free bets are free balances offered by different gambling operators to reward or attract customers, either to use their services or simply to continue using them.

In other words, a free bet consists of a sum of money that the betting operator “lends” to the user to be used in their sports plays.

If you win, you get to keep winning, but not the original amount wagered.

There are several types of free bets, such as risk-free bets and no-deposit free bets.

Features of Nigerian Offered Free Bet

When a new customer opens an account with a bookmaker, they can receive a free bet as a reward. This can be as money to place a bet without any risk of loss.

The common feature of any free bet is that the customer can place a bet, and if that bet turns out to be a losing bet, the customer will not lose any money.

Free Bet Law for Residents in Nigeria

According to Nigerian gambling laws, bookmakers may only offer promotions and bet bonuses or gambling services to registered users over 18 days old.

Free Bet Timing

As a requirement, most free bets have a time limit, meaning the customer only has until a certain date to place that bet.

For example, if a customer gets a free bet bonus, they can only place the bet within 30 days from the date they got the chance to place the bet.

After this date, the customer can no longer use the free bet and will no longer be able to place the free bet.

The qualifying period for a free bet only applies once the free bet has been settled. For example, suppose a bookmaker offers a bonus associated with the bet on the winner of a certain football league. In that case, the period to get the free bet will only start once the bets on this event have been settled at the end of the season.


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Which Nigerian Betting Sites Offer Free Bets?

Below are some Nigerian bookies that offer free bets:


BetKing offers 50% cashback up to ₦5000 and up to ₦100 free bet for every ₦500 wagered.


Betway offers new customers 100% Matched Bet on the first deposit up to ₦100,000.


SportyBet occasionally offers new and existing customers no deposit-free bets.


1XBet offers first-deposit free bets, No Deposit free bet, Cashback free bets, and other forms of free bets.


N1Bet offers no-risk free bets from ₦400 to ₦500,000.


Melbet offers matched deposit free bets and royalty-free bets.


GreatOdds offer deposit bonus free bets and weekly cashback free bets.


Parimatch offers cashback on bets up to ₦10,000.


Paripesa offers 15% cashback on some games and occasional no deposit free bets.


22Bet offers weekly cashback free bets and also a deposit bonus free bet.


Wazobet offers deposit free matched free bets, and Wednesday deposit boost free bets.


BetObet offers matched bonus and free bets for their users.


BetBonanza offers ₦50,000 as a virtual cashback and deposit matched bonus.  


Marathonbet offers cashback as free bets and matched deposit bonus. 

How to Use a Freebet in Nigeria?

There is no right or wrong way to use a free bet, although some options are better than others.

Free bets are sometimes only credited to you as they would be when betting your own game. Remember that every time you use a free bet, you must check a box on the bet slip or select to place your bet using your offered free bet if you want to use it instead of your deposited money.

What are Stake Not Returned Free Bets?

Free Bets, also known as Stake Not Returned, means that the original amount is not returned, and we keep only the winnings.

For example, if you place a free bet of ₦20, in case you win, you will only have the winning available, which depends on the odds played, while the original ₦20 is left out.

If the freebet or free bet bonus terms and conditions exclude returns, it is certainly a Stake Not Returned free bet. If nothing is said about that or the minimum return requirement is stated, it is a bonus.

What are Free Bet Bonuses?

Free bet bonuses or Stake Returned means the original balance will be returned. Unlike free bets, bonuses have minimum wagering requirements.

There are also Stake Returned bonuses, such as cash and deposit bonuses, which include your share of potential winnings; this is where Stake Returned means the bet will be refunded.

How Do Free Bets Without Deposit Work in Nigeria?

Most Nigerian bookmakers offer a free bet to be used on a single event. They will also probably force you to bet on an event with fixed minimum odds.

For example: a Nigerian bookmaker may offer a ₦25 free bet, for simply opening an account with them.

It is common practice for the Nigerian bookmaker to pay out only the winning portion of the no-deposit bet, not the original bet value.

There is also a good chance that repayment requirements will have to be met. Free no-deposit bets are still a great opportunity to start trying your hand at sports betting.

How to Take Advantage of Free Bet Bonuses In Nigeria

Most of the time, to use the free bet bonuses, it is enough to check the promotions page or messages sent to you from the bookmaker. These appear as constant offers from the start, and as long as you continue as a customer, more bonuses for free bets will arrive.

The correct use of these is in the know rules of the bookie; when you know all its options and conditions, you can likely get the most out of it.

What are the Types of Free Bet Bonuses?

There are many different types of free bets, such as plays per game, free bonuses, and offers for existing players. 

So how do you claim these free bets?

There may be conditions on how to use free bets, where most of the time, you will have to use it first on a bet, and depending on the results, you can withdraw cash.

What is a First Deposit Free Bet?

A first deposit free bet is an offer where you will receive a free bet after you deposit money and not after placing a bet.

To better understand what free bets are for the first deposit, we have the following example:

Make a first deposit of ₦10 or more to get up to ₦200 of free bets.

Once you have deposited more than ₦10 in your bookmaker’s account, you will be credited with a free bet of the same amount, up to a maximum of ₦200.

What is a No Deposit Free Bet?

In free bets without a deposit, the bettor, once registered, receives a free amount to bet. This kind of FreeBet is more common in Nigerian online casinos than in online sportsbooks.

What are Free Bets About?

Free bets are a more direct type of bonus, where as a newly registered user, you can enjoy a free bet as a kind of gift. The player keeps the total winnings, not including the investment cost.

For example: In a bookmaker, the new user receives a free bet of ₦10 but needs to achieve a rollover of 8 times the bonus amount to release the winnings, which will have a maximum limit of ₦50.

As you can see, these free bets aim to increase the player’s interest.

The bettor receives a free bet but must meet a requirement to get the value if they win, encouraging more user activity on the page.

It is a strategy that benefits the house but one that bettors can take advantage of.

Differences Between Nigerian Free Bets and Free Bet Bonuses

Unlike free bets, free bet bonuses have minimum wagering (rollover) requirements before they can be withdrawn. Some bonuses don’t even require a qualifying wager.

Free bets have no wagering requirements, so they can be safely withdrawn with a relatively small bankroll. By choosing the odds wisely, as much as 80% of the stake can be extracted, making them highly profitable.

The key is to identify if it is a Stake Returned or Stake Not Returned:  It is essential to distinguish between bonuses and free bets since they have to be charged differently. Unfortunately, some betting operators call their bonuses free bets and vice versa.

While the bonuses may seem more profitable, you should definitely start betting paired with the free bets, especially if your starting bankroll is small.

The free bet bonus is the second most common type of bonus. This offer is more popular at online sportsbooks as opposed to casinos.

These incentivize existing customers to try their luck at the sportsbook and attract new members for a quick “worry-free” bet.

Basically, the betting site will match the money you deposit as a free bet: if you lose, you can redeem your losses with another bonus that usually requires a deposit.

How Do Free Bet Bonuses Work in Nigeria?

 A few Nigerian bookmakers offer free bet bonuses; some limit the amount you win, and others the value of the bet.

Most bookmakers that offer free bet bonuses give the user a period to take advantage of the bonus, but some bookmakers simply give the option of using the amount on the second bet.

Free bet bonus example

When using a ₦20 free football bet bonus, once you have made your first bet, your account will be credited with the value of the bet you have placed, up to a maximum of ₦20.

So, if your first bet is for 15 naira, that amount will be credited to your account.

However,  a matched bet offers a free bet that matches a percentage of the bet you have placed or matches the entire bet amount. If lucky, you can get a 200%  offer of one free bet per match.

Types of Free Bet Bonuses Offered by Nigerian Bookmakers

Free bet bonuses are delivered in different forms, after your first win, registration, maybe for the time you bet; in any of these cases, all these bonus offers are different. Here are the most common:

No Risk Betting Bonuses

Regarding risk-free betting bonuses, most Nigerian bookmakers require you to risk your own money first, and then you must wager more before you can withdraw.

Practical example:

A bookmaker offers you a ₦10 risk-free bet bonus, but you must first place a ₦10 bet (from your own money) with odds of at least 2.00 before you receive the ₦10 bonus.

The bonus amount must be doubled at least three times to 2.00 or more before you can make a withdrawal.

No Risk-Free Bet Bonus

Bookmakers offer their new customers the opportunity to bet once or twice without risk. That is to say, when betting, they do not risk losing the deposited fund.

With the risk-free free bet bonus, it is necessary to deposit a minimum income the first time, and, in case of losing it, the amount of a second free bet is refunded to the user.

Free Bet Bonus for Risk-Free Bets On Live Inplay

In this case, the operator offers a free bet to be made in the live market if you place one or two bets before the game, depending on the promotion. The value of the gift is equal to the value of the previous bet made. If you lose, you don’t lose money, if you win, the profit is yours.

Examples:  Team A (1.3) vs. Team B (2.0) – ₦20 bets on Team B.

Being a pre-match bet, you receive a bonus for the live market equal to ₦20

We assume that the match maintains a score of 1-0 in favor of Team B in the first half. This means that, for now, you are winning your bet.

You could use your bonus on a bet, such as guessing which player to score in the second half. Suppose we bet on soccer player A (3.0) to follow the dynamics.

The match ends, and he scores, leaving the match 2-0. The earnings are as follows:

Match Winner: ₦20 x 2.0 = ₦40 Footballer A score: ₦20 x 3.0 = ₦60

Profit= ₦20 + ₦40 = ₦60

The bonus received is not added to our balance, so the gift is subtracted, leaving us only with the profit.

Matched Free Bet Bonuses

Matched free bet bonuses are more common as they are used as welcome or first deposit bonuses.

Basically, it is about receiving a percentage of our first deposit when arriving at the platform; these percentages can be reflected in different ways.

We call them matched because it is common for the value given to be the same as the value deposited.

Example: If you deposit ₦50, the bookmaker will give you another ₦50 to play in the markets indicated.

Free Bet Bonuses with Money Back

This type of bet are offers found in bookmakers in which the amount of money wagered will be returned to you, whether you win or lose. Even if you deposit, it is a free bet bonus since the bookie returns the money to you.

This offer is one of the safest, and although it has its conditions like all of them, there is no risk other than not taking advantage of it.


I bet ₦50 at odds of 4.0.

In case of winning, you would take ₦200 of profit; ₦150 for the normal profit of the bet and ₦50 that is refunded to you. Total balance = ₦250

In case of losing, it makes you the same return:

Total balance = ₦50

In this case, you can get these funds in cash, but without the benefits in case you profit from your play.

How to Get a Free Bet in Nigeria

The amounts will vary and are usually given to punters who open a new account with a sportsbook. It is usually based on the initial bet you place.

You can find an updated list of betting bonuses and free bets on our website.

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