Best Betting Sites in Nigeria

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Nigeria isn’t new to the sports betting industry, and many betting companies have come and gone. Some of these betting companies started nicely and was among the best before they bowed to pressure and left or became insignificant to the Nigerian betting market.

However, some betting sites, both old and new, are revolutionizing the Nigerian sports betting industry in Nigeria, and this page contains the best sports betting sites in Nigeria.

How We Review Nigerian Sport Betting Sites

TopBets performs an in-depth analysis of betting companies in Nigeria to ensure an average bettor know what to expect when they’re choosing a betting site.

There are vital criteria that we evaluate, and below we will explain to you about our process of evaluating sites:


This is the most important option we consider, lol. This is because betting is a business and the main aim of placing a bet is to get returns in the form of winnings. If your winnings can’t be withdrawn or take long to be deposited to your Nigerian bank account, then it is a bad sign.

We consider these withdrawal aspects for Nigerian betting sites:

Withdrawal Option: Traditionally, Nigerian betting sites offer only a bank withdrawal method. This option is highly suitable, but some betting sites can offer other withdrawal methods. But for TopBets to rank a betting site in Nigeria high, it must offer the bank withdrawal method.

Withdrawal Speed: The best betting sites in Nigeria offer an average of 24-48 hours withdrawal except on weekends there might be a delay on bank withdrawals. However, the best betting sites are now offering instant withdrawal options and even on weekends. We consider withdrawal speed highly, and you should consider it too.


Before you can place your bet, you need to first deposit into your account. However, if the betting site doesn’t offer easy to use deposit methods, then it is a big dent to their reputation.

Instant deposit is a critical factor for your peace of mind and to quickly bet on chances that might be temporarily available, especially when betting on live in plays.

Betting sites that have various deposit options with instant deposit ranks high in our reviews.

Platform Usability

Another vital and important option we consider is platform usability. Gone are the days when Nigerians are grateful and happy with whatever you offer them. Should I increase the volume? 😁

Nigerians deserve better, and we demand better, and that is why some betting companies who couldn’t cope with the competition to shut down.

TopBets take into consideration how easy to use and navigate a betting site is, and ranks it based on its ease of use. Below are the usability vitals that affect our reviews and ranking:

Available Platforms: Do they have a mobile website? Do they have a lite version of their mobile website? Do they have a mobile app?

All these are good questions and are considered when we review various betting sites in Nigeria.

Ease of Navigation: It makes no sense that a user has to crack his head or spend some time roaming a platform before finding what he is looking for. If a betting site doesn’t have clear navigation, it will negatively impact the user and our review.

Available Markets

The best betting sites have numerous sports markets and also an alternative event market options that a customer can choose and place a bet.

This is very important as there are hidden opportunities that a game can offer, but a betting site won’t offer that option. This is why having various alternative markets is important, and betting sites with wide varieties of markets are ranked higher in our review.

Customer Support

Customer support is vital for every business no matter if they are small or big, and the same can be said for betting companies.

No matter how good a betting company is, issues must arise. Issues such as delayed deposit, won bet not confirmed, etc.

Customer support plays a huge rule in helping you to solve your issues. How fast and helpful a betting company’s customer support response is, determines how high they rank in our reviews.

We test their support ourselves before ranking them in that aspect.

Betting Site Bonus

Who doesn’t like bonuses? Even though it doesn’t have much impact in our reviews but it still important to mention. Our users love betting sites that offer promotional offers and welcome bonuses, and these offers can mean a difference for your bet.

We take into consideration what type of bonus a betting company offers during our review.

Offline Availability

This is the least factor we consider when reviewing the best betting sites in Nigeria. Even though offline shops are slowly closing down, with more people choosing to bet from the comfort of their home, it is still very vital and important that a betting site should have a physical shop or an agent shop.

This helps calm the nerves of customers, especially if the betting company is new to the market. All these factors are what TopBets team of experts evaluate when reviewing every single sports betting website. We are dedicated to offering your premium service at no cost to ensure you make informed decisions when choosing a betting site.